Police Accountability

Stop & Frisk

Discriminatory policing by the NYPD makes our communities less safe by making people fear police.

“Broken windows” policing strategies like stop and frisk typically target low-income communities of color, young people, homeless people, LGBT people, people with disabilities and immigrants. Nearly nine out of ten stops do not lead to an arrest or summons, while those that do are usually for minor offenses or the result of unconstitutional searches that reveal marijuana.

Stop and frisk and other “broken windows” policing aggressively targets low-income communities of color, young people, homeless people, LGBT people, people with disabilities, immigrants, and women. Many people who have been stopped have reported intense harassment by police. Young people expect to be stopped every day, often multiple times a day, even in school.

We support the Community Safety Act, a package of legislation that would ensure accountability for the NYPD.