Blake, Boozer & Rivera deserve your vote on September 9th!

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VOCAL-NY Action Fund Endorses Progressive Candidates for New York State Senate & Assembly

Michael Blake, Lori Boozer & Gustavo Rivera deserve your vote on September 9th

On Tuesday, September 9th go to the polls and vote in the New York State Democratic primary. The primaries are the most crucial elections for New York City and we need your help to put the most progressive candidates on the ballot for the November general elections. Click here to see if you are registered to vote: Click here to find your poll locations and sample ballot:


We proudly endorse Michael Blake for the 79th Assembly District in the Bronx! Michael was born and raised in the Bronx to immigrant parents and knows first-hand the impact that inadequate healthcare, biased-policing, and a lack of good jobs has had on his community. He is running to bring much needed change to the Bronx, especially the AD-79, which has been a hotbed of political corruption in recent years. Bronx residents are ready to break away from politics as usual and we firmly believe that Michael Blake is the independent progressive candidate that can bring a new vision and solid leadership to his community.

What vocal leaders had to say:

“The Bronx needs principled leaders in Albany that reflect progressive values and have an unwavering commitment to economic and racial justice,” said Bobby Tolbert, VOCAL-NY Action Fund Board Member and Bronx resident. “Michael Blake is a standout candidate with the energy and experience to bring much-needed change to the long undeserved AD-79 in the Bronx. VOCAL-NY Action Fund proudly endorses his campaign and looks forward to working together to alleviate poverty and create more healthy and just communities in the Bronx and beyond.”

Michael Blake with VOCAL-NY Action Fund members announcing our endorsement in the Bronx.


Lori Boozer grew up in public housing in Brownsville and still lives there today. She can relate to the struggles of low-income New Yorkers because she has lived those same experiences. Her desire to give back to her community has been a common thread in her career, where she has advocated for low-income tenants, worked to find hosuing for victims of domestic violence, and helped formerly incarcerated young men of color access jobs and education. Lori is a progressive advocate through and through, and we know she will continue her advocacy once in Albany. VOCAL-NY Action Fund proudly endorses her campaign! 


“Lori Boozer is a proven social justice fighter with the smarts and political savvy to bring much needed progressive change to Albany,” said Reginald Brown, VOCAL-NY Action Fund member and AD-55 resident. “Central Brooklyn needs more affordable housing, better access to health care, and expanded economic opportunities – and Lori is the best candidate to get the job done. VOCAL-NY Action Fund enthusiastically endorses her campaign and we look forward to working together to uplift low-income communities across New York.

Lori Boozer with VOCAL-NY Action Fund members announcing her endorsement in Brownsville, Brooklyn,


Over the last four years, State Senator Gustavo Rivera has been exactly the kind of legislator the Bronx deserves. He’s a tireless advocate for low income communities of color and is never afraid to speak truth to power, even when it’s unpopoular. Gustavo’s committment to progressive values is unwavering and he is the best type of legislator, one who governs in partnership with the people who elected him. We are proud to endorse Gustavo Rivera for re-election in the New York State Senate!


“State Senator Gustavo Rivera is a proven leader who is committed to progressive values and the community he represents,” said Marilyn Scales, VOCAL-NY Action Fund member and Bronx Resident. “From tackling growing health inequities to promoting civil rights, Gustavo takes a comprehensive and bold approach to creating much-needed change in the Bronx. VOCAL-NY Action Fund proudly endorses his candidacy and looks forward to our continued partnership for social justice across the state.”

State Senator Gustavo Rivera advocating for an end to biased policing and broken marijuana laws.

Help us continue to build power among people affected by HIV/AIDS, mass incarceration and the drug war in order to create healthy and just communities by donating to VOCAL-NY Action Fund on our website.



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